SGO-R for Rehab

SGO-R for Rehab

Designed for rehab clinics, the SGO-R is designed to help facilitate standing and walking while the patient and therapist are safe.


  • Large base of support
  • Lateral support with spring
  • Chest, knee and ankle support
  • Lightweight


  • Supports body weight without using hands
  • Easy alignment
  • Easy weight shifting with return spring
  • Safer for therapists and patients
  • Standing with free hands
  • Promoting and facilitating normal gait
  • Easy to adjustment
  • Easy to connect and disconnect

Who benefits:


  • Stroke patients with hemiplegia
  • Patients with weakness on one side
  • Balance issue on one side
  • Therapist for facilitating normal gait and function


  • Patients with lower extremities weakness
  • Patients with balance issues
  • Patients with, SCI, TBI, MD, spina bifida
  • Therapists (PT, OT)